Our Day
(8:10am – 1:10pm) Weekly Tuition

(8am-12.30pm) Weekly Tuition
  • $ 230.005 Days
  • $200.004 Days
  • $170.003 Days
  • $130.002 Days
  • $ 75.001 Day

If you have any questions about ABC Time Home Preschool, please contact us.

Opening Times

We are open 8:10 am to 1:10 pm, Monday – Friday, and are open year-round with the exception of Federal holidays, 2 weeks in Summer, and 2 weeks Winter Break.

We post our yearly schedule at the beginning of each year to give the parents the time to plan ahead.

Discounts & Payments

Tuition is payable either on a weekly or monthly basis whichever is more convenient for parents. Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance.

NO application fee. Discounts are available for siblings who attend full time. Call to inquire about details.

What The Parents Say

How To Find Us