Art as a process, not final product

Here at ABC Time we understand the benefits of free expression through art, as well as guided craft experiences; thereby giving each child the opportunity to create their art work in a manner they choose. Art is important, not only for creative expression, but also to develop fine motor skills essential to learning how to write. We teach scissor skills early on to avoid pre-cut art work that looks nice, but does not further the child’s fine motor skills. Many activities are utilized to develop fine motor skills, including but not limited to: scissor skills, using glue bottles not glue sticks, spray bottles, different types and size paint brushes, play dough, kinetic sand, and countless sensory experiences.
Once a child’s fine motor skills are developed and an interest is expressed we teach our older children to write using mnemonics to write each letter. This enhances the writing experience as well as encourages memory of writing letters properly.

Wonderful World of Science

ABC Time Home Preschool recognizes the importance of science in early education and chooses to make science part of our daily curriculum. Children are natural investigators, and grow more curious about their surroundings as they age. We respect their investigative nature and want to honor their potential and capabilities. We do this by exploring the natural world through interactive experiences. Science is fun & interesting at ABC Time. Our experiments allow the children to really explore basic principles and expand their knowledge. It is so great when we hear our children ask, “what experiment are we going to do today?” or “how is this going to work?” Science unlocks the potential for all sorts of multi-disciplinary learning. Vocabulary is enhanced, math is used in a practical manner, the children are asking questions, and discovering the answers by themselves. Science is truly a wonderful gift to share at this age!