Quality preschools are the foundation in which children develop and learn the necessary skills to set them on a path of continued academic success. Studies have continued to show that better performance in Kindergarten and grade school is linked to attendance at quality preschools. Children attending high quality preschools, with a pre-k program, have more advanced language and math skills and enter kindergarten with the understanding of the classroom environment. The National Institute of Early Education Research has compiled a list of the top ten components of a high quality preschool/ pre-k program they use to evaluate such programs nationwide. The key factors to determine a high quality preschool are as follows:

  1. Well-Educated Teachers–“the most effective being those individuals who have earned a Bachelor’s Degree and have additional training in early childhood education.”
  2. Low-Teacher to child ratios & Small class size–“a ratio of 1 teacher to 10 or fewer children is crucial to the success of everyone in the classroom”
  3. Continued Teacher training
  4. Research-Based Curriculum aligned to K-12 standards–“curricula with specific goals that integrate learning across all aspects of a child’s development: cognitive, physical, social, and emotional”
  5. Engaged Families–“most common component is direct communication with teachers”
  6. Focus on Whole Child and Family–“ability to identify special needs that may require additional services”
  7. Balance between teacher and children’s initiated activities
  8. On-going student assessment
  9. Nutritious meals
  10. Monitoring–“site visits”

The most important brain development occurs before the age of 5. Our children deserve the very best we can offer them. As a mother, and a teacher I know parents want only the best of everything for their child. This is why they should have the best start with a high quality preschool. ABC Time Home Preschool can provide your child with all the components listed above in a fun, nurturing environment. Your child is our top priority!
Please contact us and allow us the opportunity to show you what to expect from a quality preschool.

**Note the information above was compiled from the National Institute of Early Education Research State of the Yearbook summary 2009 and the Pre-k Now Organization.
If you would like to read additional information, click on the following website links:

California Department of Education (click on California Preschool Learning Foundations)

Information to Know:

On September 30, 2010, then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law bill SB 1381, thereby changing the age by which our children start Kindergarten. The new law, which took affect in 2014 changes the age of kindergarten entry from December 2 to September 1.