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Welcome to ‘ABC Time Home Preschool’

Located in the heart of Carlsbad, CA.

License Number: 376624852

Why ABC Time Preschool

We start with a strong foundation–a highly qualified teacher, dedicated to fostering the development of the whole child, socially and emotionally, as well as academically.
We continue with a welcoming space and an environment that engages each child. Next, we enroll a limited amount of children ages 2 – 5 years old to ensure more individual attention.
Then we have lots of fun while we learn and explore science, literacy, math, and the arts! We finish with constantly communicating with our parents regarding each child’s growth, building a home/school connection.
That’s how we create a preschool for each child to succeed, while instilling in them a love for learning.

ABC Time Preschool - Children

Classroom / Playroom

ABC Time Home Preschool in Carlsbad creates an environment where children are excited to learn through hands-on experiences. We use age-appropriate materials that are engaging and with purpose.
Our environment is part of the learning process. It facilitates and allows each child to initiate play; thereby fostering a natural, educational environment based on the children’s needs. The play room changes and is adapted according to the theme being explored.

ABC Time Home Preschool - Robot building

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”–Ignacio Estrada

At ABC Time Preschool we do not subscribe to only one teaching methodology. Instead we take the best practices from each to ensure a comprehensive learning environment. This allows each child to explore a variety of ways to learn, and become an active participant in their learning.

Our Curriculum: Theme- based
We use fun, age-appropriate themes to provide a meaningful, interesting context to learn pre-reading and math skills, as well as to introduce the children to the wonderful world of science.

PLAY, LEARN, and GROW–Bringing FUN to the learning process!

At ABC Time Home Preschool we understand that the best way for children to learn is through hands on, multi-sensory experiences. That is why we use dramatic play, music, reading, art, and science to explore our themes. We use each medium to allow for an immersive learning experience.
Some activities include re-telling stories by acting them out, listening & dancing to music related to the theme, arts & crafts, science experiments such as OOblick, Gak, and Exploding rainbows to name a few. Our activities are designed with purpose and bring FUN to the learning process.

Additionally, we have an Emmy nominated music teacher that visits every other week. This is just another example of the high quality activities we offer.

Smiles and laughter are daily occurrences as the children form friendships and use teamwork to come together. Days are filled with new discoveries, friends, and happy memories.
Building friendships are important to social development. Learning to listen, taking turns, cooperation and patience are important skills to practice and develop during these formative years.
Our small group dynamic allows for more interaction and is optimal for developing lasting friendships.

We offer group as well as individual activities so that each child can progress at their natural pace, ensuring success as they move through our program. It is important to us that every child is given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond. Therefore, we teach to the child’s ability and interest. We do this by working 1-1 with each child and develop fun activities to teach specific skills.

We also know that social & emotional development is just as important as cognitive development. Many kindergarten teachers would argue that the social/emotional development of a child is more important to them and the child’s success in school. The small group dynamic of our class allows the children to really interact with one another and learn listening skills, the importance of waiting one’s turn and taking turns, as well as how to share with one another. When situations arise, as they always do with children, we talk about how things make us feel, and how what we say and do affects our friends. The children in our program grow to be compassionate, caring children with an awareness for those around them.

Emotionally, we help our younger children with any attachment issues they may have in a supportive, caring manner. For our older children, we encourage independence and taking responsibility for their belongings. An important skill to learn as they move on to Kindergarten.

Kid Tested, Parent Approved!

Each child leaves our program with a strong foundation. Our “graduates” start Kindergarten with ease and a confidence that our parents have come back and expressed their gratitude. It is rewarding to learn that our children are so happy as they enter elementary school. The children are our success stories and are what continues to motivate us to always give 100%.


What The Parents Say

Your Children

Your children are safe with us! Each child’s safety, eating habits, and overall well-being are given full attention.
A clean, safe environment is needed for optimal learning. Healthy eating is important for growing minds and strong bodies.
We take caring for your child seriously, and understand the great responsibilty that comes from having children in our care.

ABC Time Home Preschool makes safety a top priority. We have fire and disaster drills every 6 months and remind the children about being safe on a regular basis as the opportunity presents itself in an age-appropriate way.
ABC Time follows the procedures set forth by San Diego’s Office of Emergency Services. In the event of an evacuation, the children will be safely brought to an alternate location predetermined and shared with parents in our parent handbook. ABC Time will contact parents as soon as possible relating to any emergency.

We offer healthy organic snacks and fruit daily; along with organic juice, organic milk, and mountain spring water. Our weekly snack menu is posted for parents to review.
At lunch we discuss healthy eating habits and encourage good eating.

Each day after closing, ABC Time vacuums, sanitizes the play room, and cleans the bathroom to ensure a healthy environment for the children in our care. Hand washing occurs through out the day to minimize the spread of germs and illness.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities


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