Lionel M.

Lionel M.

Felicia has been really good with Lenny, he grew up with an open mind and he is now interested in so many things including science, planets, dinosaurs… he just told me last week: we discovered water on Mars! Felicia helped Lenny get less shy and now he is perfectly adapted to his new school an

Mindy G.

Mrs. Felicia is the best we could have ever asked for. I was very nervous picking a school out for our daughter. We could have not have gotten more lucky than we did with ABC Time Preschool! Not only is her school organized and structured, her style of teaching is unsurpassed for this age group. Sh

Shiki K.

I am so glad to have found ABC Time Preschool for my 2 and half year old son.I am from France, and I have no grand parents to take care of my son so I had to find someone I can trust.My son is so happy since his first day, and I am so confident […]

Chelsea B.

ABC Time Preschool is by far the best choice you could ever make for your child. My daughter Lexi has been at ABC Time Preschool for almost 1 year. The best part about going to work each day is that I know she is in the best hands, and in a loving and nurturing environment.

Silvia M.

I can’t say enough good things about Felicia. My son is doing so well at ABC Time Home Preschool. My son is 2 years and almost 5 months now, he has been there almost 3 months. Felicia communicates very well to me in regards to my son, she lets me know what my son eats, […]