Chelsea B.

ABC Time Preschool is by far the best choice you could ever make for your child.
My daughter Lexi has been at ABC Time Preschool for almost 1 year. The best part about going to work each day is that I know she is in the best hands, and in a loving and nurturing environment.
ABC Time Preschool is immaculately clean, and Felicia provides a wonderful learning environment for all the children that attend her school.
The attention Lexi receives, the communication from Felicia, the art she brings home everyday and the stories she tells me about school, all reflect a happy child.
Lexi is always excited to go school each and every day.
Miss Felicia helps with Lexi’s potty training, promotes good manners, and keeps her clean with a change of clothes, she even changes her clothes when the weather changes from hot to cold.
When I ask Lexi who her best friends are she always answers with each child’s name from school. Lexi can count on her own and knows all of her ABC’s.
The best part is because of the loving and nurturing environment she is in each day, she has become a more loving a nurturing child. I believe kids learn from their environment.
I am so grateful to have found ABC Time Preschool and can’t say enough good things about Felicia.