Silvia M.

I can’t say enough good things about Felicia. My son is doing so well at ABC Time Home Preschool. My son is 2 years and almost 5 months now, he has been there almost 3 months. Felicia communicates very well to me in regards to my son, she lets me know what my son eats, his likes and dislikes. My son never goes hungry, she feeds him healthy organic snacks. If he doesn’t like what mommy brought for lunch. Felicia will try something of her own. Which I appreciate it so much. As a mother you worry so much that your little one will be in good hands. My son was happy to go to ABC Preschool time the 3rd day he was there. After the first week he was giving his teacher Felicia kisses and hugs to Felicia’s son Dean. As a mother you know when your son is happy the moment you pick him up. My son has learned so much, he is speaking in sentences, learned how to share, learned good manners, how to say please and thank you. Now he says Thanks, it’s so cute to hear him communicate to mommy and daddy. He is almost potty trained and I owe this all to Felicia. I enjoy all the tips she gives me to try at home. As a mommy you get so busy in the daily rut that you forget simple meals that your son will eat. Felicia told me to try homemade french fries. I made them that night and my son enjoyed them and ate the entire plate. My son brings home an activity he did that day. I mean everyday he has something. He loves books, trains, sand, water bottles and Felicia has it all. Not to mention the monthly themes. Especially the Zoo Animals, Circus, and Outer Space themes. I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to Halloween and spiders. Loves spiders and he can say spider web. Thank you Felicia for all you do for Troy! I’m sure he’ll learn his ABC’s in no time since he has a wonderful and experienced teacher like you.